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Project description and prototype


The aim of this project is to provide a wide collection of useful XML related tools as online services. This includes tools related to XML documents, DTDs, Schemas, XSLT processing, HTML, etc.

Most of these tools are already available, but to be useful, they have to be downloaded and properly installed on the user's machine. The idea of having them adapted and installed as form-based web services, allows for anyone to use them from anywhere, anytime, without the need of installation. This is particularly useful for Digital Humanities hands-on courses, where one of the main problems is to get all the necessary tools installed before the course takes place. This set of online services will also suffice for emerging or small digitization projects, and as a display and workbench for DH scholars looking for tools.

Although most of the tools already exist, not all of them are currently available (neither as online services, nor for download), and the combination of some of them may lead to new or enhanced functions. For instance, a tool only meant for Schemas can be enhanced to accept DTDs, if we add another tool that makes the necessary conversion previously.


The webpages of this project will be provided both in English and Spanish. Other languages may be added at a later stage.


The following is a list of the servives and tools we plan to include in the DH Workbench:

Schematic diagram of services to be provided by the DH Workbench web-server.


  • JavaScript validator: Works as JavaScript on the client side (Windows only)
  • Mind Maps fro XML document instances: Alex Bia's adaptation of Freemind MindMaps to view and analyze the structure of an XML document instance as a diagram.
  • Trang: Receives DTDs, Relax-NG & Relax-NC Schemas, and  XML document instances as input, to produce DTDs, XML Schemas (XSD), and Relax-NG & NC Schemas.
  • dtd2xs: DTD to W3C XML Schema (XSD)
  • DTDinst: Converts DTDs to XML-DTD, i.e. DTD structure represented in XML format. Useful for XML processing of DTDs.
  • Mind Maps for DTDs and Schemas: Alex Bia's adaptation of Freemind MindMaps to view and analyze XML DTDs and Schemas as a diagram.
  • Trang: Here used for DTD/Schema generation
  • DTDprune: A DTD simplification tool by Alex Bia and Rafael Carrasco
  • SchemaSimple: A DTD and Schema simplification tool by Alex Bia
  • DTD/Schema comparison: This service allows the user to compare two different DTDs or Schemas.
  • XSLT Transformations: This is an online service providing transformations of XML document instances by user-provided XSLT scripts, using one of several parsers offered: csxslt, MSXSL, Saxon (versions 6, 7 and 8), Xalan, Xerces, xml4j, xsltproc and XT
  • Specific transformations: Several standard ready-made transformations (e.g. tei2html).
  • XSLTdoc: The XSLTDoc Application helps you to browse and understand XSLT stylesheets. It shows summaries of stylesheets and explains each XSLT instruction in detail.
  • Downloads: Free software downloads of some of the tools available online (the ones that can run locally), and other tools which cannot be put as online services.
  • Documentation: Guides of good practice, help, FAQs, tutorials, and papers about the tools.


The groundwork for this project has already begun, with this prototype website with some of the tools already implemented as online services (http://equis.umh.es/dhw/). If funding is awarded, we could complete the work described in one academic year.

If this project is successfully adopted by a large enough community of users, which we hope, it is meant to grow afterwards in incremental steps which will be handled as news subprojects.

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